Galaxy Creative Network is a foundation that serves as a youth support Group mostly in the area of Creativity, Talent and Musical promotion. This is timely, considering the fact that in our society today, many talented Youths are in dire need for quality support and empowerment; which they also seek from the many associations they belong to, with little or no success. The inability of some of these organizations to empower their youths may probably be no fault of theirs, as some of them lack the supporting capacity to empower these youths.
However, most of these youths even lose track of proper direction and means to explore their God-given potentials in cognizance of the reality that their talents are not discovered, taped and developed. In fact, most of them are exposed to people and organizations that take advantage of them for their selfish interest. This foundation is born out of the need for youth development and empowerment with special emphasis on talented youth who are left to drift and wonder without proper guidance. As aforementioned, many youths seek for meaning and support in life.
Therefore, this foundation responds to such aspirations for talented person in all ramifications of life.

About the Team

The Historical Origin of Galaxy Creative Network is traced to the gathering of a group of Nine passionate individuals, desirous of adding value and meaning to the lives of the youths, most especially in the areas of creativity and talent exploration.
After a long period of brainstorming and short meetings, this quest for empowerment and support of the youth came into limelight with the first inaugural meeting on the 2nd July, 2014. the organization is driven by three Catholic Clergy and six lay faithful (The Trustees).

To work with all the youth groups especially the Catholic Youth as a support group in creating opportunities for the talented and creative ones to showcase their potentials.
To create a society where creative youths would find meaning and life in their talents
To work with youth groups in creating opportunities for talented and creative ones to showcase their talent and To promote the Gospel through creative work