I am Blessed Album By EmmyTwin

I am Blessed Album By EmmyTwin

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Emmanuel Simon popularly and musically known as Emmanuel twin, was born on 19th September. His passion for music started from his childhood days, in Church choir and amongst his peers, this same passion has propelled him into several musical concerts such as Musical talent-hunt organized by inspire youth Network of Nigeria where he emerged winner three times in a row and another by the CYON of Abuja Archdiocese- the Maximum Praise Talent Hunt competition where he came fourth position.

He is also a member of Galaxy Band and has release his first single “I Am Blessed” produced by Wole Oni -Lagos, topping major blogs nationwide, and he is working on his second single “No Dying Day” produced by Mekoyo-Abuja, which has also been released.

He is very good with the guitar and loves entertaining people with his sophomore voice. He is signed to Galaxy Music a subsidiary of Galaxy Creative Network.

#1. I Am Blessed Ft. Galaxy Band
Produced by Wole Oni.
"...Yes, What you say, is Who you are. Therefore Let the weak say I Am Blessed, Let poor say I Am Blessed, Let the sick say I Am Blessed..."
#2. Oluwa Don Do Me Better Ft. DannyJoe
Produced by DannyJoe.
"...Instead of complaining and complaining, why not open up your mouth and thank God for life. Cos some slept but didn't wake-up, some have food but can't eat, some go school but them no know book, some can't call for celebration. Be greteful for life"

#3. Count Your Blessings
Produced by DannyJoe
"...Look around you and count all your blessings. I bet you, you'll keep smiling with a grateful heart..."

#4. Ainya
Produced by Chidex
"..It's actually a privilege to be called God's own. Have you ever imagined this, the same God who created heaven, earth, sun, moon, stars ocean, rivers, plant and animals, e.t.c He's still the same God who created you. And in all, prefers you better than all other creatures.. please tell Him THANK YOU in your dialect.."

#5. Shake Your Body
Produced by Chidex
"..When God answers your prayers and blesses you, you will want to keep singing and dancing for him..."

#6. It's My Birthday
Produced by DannyJoe
"...In every situation, take the responsibility of making yourself happy, and be grateful to God for Life..."
#7. No Dying Day
Produced by Y2J
".. Jesus Christ is Never boaring. In him there is no breaking heart, no dying day. Why not Make him your friend?"

#8. Take Your Place
Produced by Y2J
"This world is full of evil and wickedness of men. But if you ever ask the the Holy Spirit to take the lead of your life, I bet you, you will surely finish accomplished.."

#9. Faithful God
Produced by Chidex
"...Friends come and go, sun rises and sets, daybreak nightfall, child born and child dies, ocean floods ocean dries, but only God remains ever the same.."

#10. Ainya (remix)
Produced by DannyJoe
"..Even if you don't know what to say to God. Probably you are tired of praying, one thing; you shouldn't be tired of telling him THANK YOU..."

I am Blessed By EmmyTwin Ft Galaxy Band Download 
Oluwa Don Do Me Better EmmyTwin Ft. DannyJoe Download 
Count Your Blessings By EmmyTwin Produced by DannyJoe Download 
Ainya By EmmyTwin Produced by Chidex Download 
SHAKE UR BODY By EmmyTwin.mp3 Download 
It's My Birthday by EmmyTwin Download 
No Dying Day by EmmyTwin.mp3 Download 
Take Your Place By EmmyTwin Download 
Faithful God by EmmyTwin Produced by Chidex Download 
Ainya Remix Prod By Dannyjoe.mp3 Download 


  1. Ifeanyi says:

    This is wonderful, Emmanueltwin God will keep you blessed. Galaxy Studio up you

  2. Wow wow wow. Emmytwin you are just sowing high all the time. Great job brother. You’re blessed.

  3. Signature says:

    The music is good. I am really blessed. Take your place is superb!
    More grace Mr Make Sense!

    • Favour says:

      Me too is so blessed listening to your songs. nice work. very soon i see you replacing all these current Gospel music stars. keep it up. god got your back.

  4. Vincent says:

    Powerful​ songs you got dear. Keep flying.

  5. Alex Donatus says:

    The lord that has given you the inspiration to write these songs will always good and protect you… Carry go my mehnn

  6. Powerful. I Like all of the. Weldon

  7. Ifeanyi says:

    This is great! Emmanueltwin keep it up. Galaxy Creative Network keep doing the good work!

  8. nnenna orji says:

    Wow nice and soul liftting great song God bless and increase you

  9. anointed Sunday abutu says:

    Powerful. The lord increase u on every side. Iam blest

  10. Fidelis Edet says:

    God is taking you somewhere greater with this EmmanuelTwin. This is inspiring and a sweet melody. #ISTANDBYYOU

  11. Michael Sule says:

    Wow! this is super dope, ride on bro.

  12. Ogehi says:

    This is wonderful but a music track is missing here….. Name LOVE ME PEICES

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